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One Apocalypse (The Dark Side #4)(14)
Author: Kristy Cunning

Stretched on the bed, a sense of excitement courses through me. I can’t go phantom. I’m at their mercy right now. It’s almost the best present they could reward me with.

Ezekiel teases my lips with his as he starts kissing his way down my neck.

“W-what experiment?” I ask as my eyes flutter shut so I can better absorb and appreciate all the sensations that are sure to come.

The underwear is ripped off me, and a silky material brushes over my face as someone ties the soft fabric around my eyes.

Lips come from a different angle as someone kisses up my leg, and I swallow down the wad of excited nerves, as I squirm under their gentle touches, all of them putting their hands on me at once. Two sets of lips, four sets of hands, and something tellingly blunt pressing against my thigh, as someone settles between my legs.

My legs widen to accommodate the unknown horseman, as soft hair teases my inner thigh, and a mouth fastens on.

A startled cry escapes me, because he goes after me with aggressive, hungry strokes, growling against me as he grips my thighs. It’s Kai. I can tell it’s Kai, because he groans in that telling way against me. It’s the sound he makes when he wants me but can’t have me.

However…he’s got me.

So…that makes no sense—

A breath hisses out of me, and my thoughts scatter like incoherent fragments that have just burst by the pressure of an encroaching hurricane.

My body flames up on its own, and I force the flames to extinguish. Oops.

“Anyone hurt?” I ask, whimpering a little as my back bows off the bed, my legs held in place by the binds.

Everything is way more intense when the thought of going phantom is truly off the table while I’m restrained.

“You can’t seem to hurt us,” Ezekiel murmurs against my breast before his lips seal around my right nipple.

A garbled sound escapes me, and I become a ball of high-strung energy just waiting to implode. I love this. I want it all the time. The five of us enjoying what was stolen away.

“But you already know that,” Gage adds in a low whisper next to my ear. “It’s something I just know, without knowing how I know. I’m sure the same is true for you. It’s possibly protection that runs all the way down to our blood.”

The one between my thighs pulls back just as I reach the peak, ready to fall over, and I cry out in frustration as they blow warm air against that overly sensitive, robbed bundle of nerves.

“That’s part of the experiment,” Kai adds, definitely from between my thighs.

That means the one dragging his lips over my other nipple is decidedly Jude.

Another whimper is torn from me when Kai starts all over, pushing me to the brink in no time. Just like before, he pulls back and teases me with a breeze of breath, instead of my close-but-so-far-away climax.

“W-what are y-you doing?” I ask in panted breaths, my entire body aching from the desperate need to feel that ebbing release that remains just out of my grasp.

“You didn’t have any logical reason to put us through that with no warning or conversation or compromise…it was wrong,” Jude murmurs as he roughly cups my breast, dragging his lips up the side of my arm.

Kai resumes his ministrations, which makes concentrating on anything but the forbidden orgasm damn near impossible.

Jude blows on my nipple when his attention returns there, and I grind myself against Kai, desperately needing more friction and shamelessly seeking that orgasm that’s cresting before he can take it away.

I fail at the tug-of-war, and Conquest wins the war when he pulls back at the exact right moment.

A cry, along with angry, nonsensical gibberish escape my mouth as I writhe on the bed.

“This isn’t fair!”

“You said you wanted to be punished,” Ezekiel reminds me, his breath also teasing my nipple.

“I assumed a little perverted spanking and some dirty, rough, kinky sex was in order. This is torture,” I argue.

“Now you can feel our wrath,” Gage murmurs next to my ear before he bites down on it.

A breath hisses out of me, just as Kai starts all over again.

“J-Jude still hasn’t explained why he went missing,” I dutifully point out.

They all still against me, and I think Kai chuckles, which is terrible timing, because I was damn near close to finally coming. I was doing all I could not to indicate it so that he didn’t rob me of that moment once more.

“What?” I ask a little too angrily, growing agitated as flames erupt from my body again.

It takes some concentration, since this is all rather new, but I force them to extinguish when I smell something burning.

“Her bed isn’t immune to her flames. But the ropes are holding,” Gage tells someone. “Our blood must really work. Someone could use that against you, and you’re too open with showing how protected we are,” he goes on, lips grazing my cheek.

Kai restarts the torturous process of driving me insane, and I fight the sensations instead of chasing them, desperate to hold off so that when I surrender, he won’t see it coming. With any luck, the orgasm will be bone-jarring, ruining their little scheme, and that’ll teach them.

The mattress groans, and I idly notice I must have burned through a thick chunk of it.

“The flames aren’t as hot as they were when she was all volcanic-eyed either,” Ezekiel notes.

“This isn’t class time. Could you four focus on giving me pleasure instead of studying me like a science experiment, while you’re in the middle of torturing me?” I grind out.

A pained sound escapes me when the infuriating Conquest between my thighs pulls back, as the orgasm forces its way to the brink, despite my protests. How does he know? I’m wearing a poker face!

“I thought you wanted us to involve you on our conversations,” Jude says like the smartass he is.

“Could we maybe discuss this when the four of you aren’t teasing me so cruelly?”

“Cruel?” Jude asks, a snort following that. “Cruel is having the woman you care about throw herself into a ring full of sadistic fiends who show no mercy, simply so she can learn to take a beating. And all we could do was fucking watch.”

“You’re getting pissed. We said you couldn’t do that. It’s why you’re drunk,” Gage tells him as though it’s a reminder.

I’m too focused on the nearly, almost next orgasm that gets stolen away.

“Damn you all,” I groan, feeling a painful, growing throb in the most inconvenient place on my body. “Could you stop talking and please end this. I’ll reward you all. I promise. You can take turns being my favorite, and even pick the order,” I add as incentive.

I forget how little I can entice them, until they ignore me and continue talking as though I’ve not said anything at all.

“There’s a secondary trigger. It’s a non-lethal option that’s less destructive but still powerful. Lucifer told us about it,” Ezekiel says, presumably to me like now is the best time.

“I really don’t want to talk about the man who donated blood to help me manifest, while I’m trying to have an orgasm. Even I find that disturbing and gross,” I point out in a flat, annoyed tone. “Can we please—”

“What if she used the secondary trigger on Jahl?” Gage asks as all the hands leave my body at once.

The bed rustles as though they’re getting up, when Kai says, “That could work. So long as we were able to weaken it first.”

“What’s happening?” I ask as their voices start moving away.

“So long as we make ourselves strong enough, it could be the best strategy—”

The sound of a door shutting seals off the voices, and I wiggle my head between my arms, working the blindfold down enough to open my eyes and blink away the blurriness.

My head swivels from side to side, taking in the empty room.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I whimper, feeling that strong ache intensifying into a miserable pulse.

I jerk at the ropes, but they’re clearly not your average ropes. Flames burst from my hands, and they stay firmly tied to some black hook thingies in the walls.

Glancing down at my feet, I take note that they’re tied off to some other black hook thingies in the walls as well. I’m not tied to the bed, or I could just blast the hell out of it, masturbate away my pain, and then scheme up some insufferable retribution.

“There will be hell to pay for this!” I shout as loud as I can. “I’m the embodiment of Wrath! Remember?! I’m The Apocalypse! You’re supposed to be under my command! You’re my harem! Come give me pleasure and shower me with gifts of apology!” I call out even louder.

Silence is my answer.

My head thumps back down on the bed, and I glare at the ropes. Their blood, eh? Yeah, I can see how this could be used against me.

Something tells me the old, paranoid me wouldn’t run that risk. Surely it’s a temporary weakness.

Chapter 12


Scrubbing a hand over my face, I groan. I can still taste her, and it’s killing me.

“I really don’t understand why I can’t go back in there and at least get mine. I’ll deprive her of hers,” I promise them, still arguing my own case.

“You’re weak. She’ll break you and turn you into her toy, have you worshiping her body, and then occupy you the rest of the night,” Jude says in a slurred tone as he stumbles into the wall.

He grunts as his head hits, and he slides down until his ass hits the floor.

“I’m gonna need a break,” he tells us, tossing aside the empty jar.

This is possibly the drunkest I’ve ever seen him. Earlier was the most pissed I’d ever seen him.

“She’s going to be furious,” Gage says as Jude summons a fresh bottle of liquor that materializes from thin air.

“She’s going to be furious?” Jude asks incredulously, pointing a finger at his chest as his glassy eyes barely stay open. “I’m furious. That damn woman thinks we’re supposed to fit this puppy-dog sweet romantic fantasy she has of us, even as she reads about what twisted fucks we used to be—”

“We’re still twisted fucks,” Gage inserts dryly, glancing back down the hallway with a confused brow.

“The point is, she’s maddening. Why does she have to be so maddening?” Jude rants on, sighing as he slumps and starts downing the new batch of liquor.

I follow Gage’s line of view, as Ezekiel tries to wrestle away the liquor from Jude.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, not seeing anything in particular to draw so much suspicion.

“This hallway…it feels different than it did a few minutes ago,” he murmurs almost absently, his gaze distant and his attention distracted.

I glance around again for anything I might have missed.

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Because you’re not as keen as I am,” the arrogant son of a bitch says as he moves away from me. He pauses, and I watch as he stiffens. “Ready yourselves. Someone’s watching.”

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