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Grayslake: More Than Mated: Growling For Mine(8)
Author: Alexa Riley

The two words have me salivating and doing just as she asks. Without a second of hesitation, I place my teeth on the place where her shoulder meets her neck and I bite down.

My sharp teeth barely break the skin, but I taste a tinge of metallic flavor and I immediately lick it away. I can feel her pulse against my tongue, the mating between us becoming stronger. Keeping my teeth in place, I thrust harder, needing to claim her body as well as her spirit. She is mine for keeps, and I want her to feel it in her soul.

When her clenches become tighter, I feel her shudder under me as an orgasm takes over her little body. It’s then my own need kicks in, and I spill my seed into her. It’s the strongest orgasm of my life, and something more is coming from me into Lola. While our bodies are twined together, our hearts connect as one. She has become mine in every way, and my bear lies down in relief.

We’re more than mated now.

Chapter 8 *Lola*

After Bleu made love to me, he picked me up and brought me back to the bathtub, saying I needed to clean up and this time he would join me. I hate the thought of washing him off me, but as if he could sense my hesitation, he explained that he would put it back on as soon as we were out.

I can’t explain some of these barbaric thoughts I’m having about him, the things I want from him. But they’re there and he seems to get and understand them. It’s like he knows what I want before I can even say it. And even more, I don't feel embarrassed about it. It feels natural.

I lie back against his chest, his big body wrapped around mine in the warm water. We soak in a comfortable quiet as he rubs my shoulders and kisses every bit of me he can reach.

“What made you ask for this?” he says, kissing the tender place where he bit me. The kiss to the mark makes a warm feeling grow in the pit of my stomach.

I pause, not knowing how to say what I think, and then I chicken out. “I don’t know.”

He wraps his arms tighter around me and nibbles on my ear.

“You are my mate now, Lola. I know when you’re not telling all that is in your head. Why?”

“It’s hard to explain.”


My curly hair is piled up on top of my head, and I feel his tongue trail down my neck. It’s distracting and wonderful at the same time.

“Something just came over me. I can’t really put it into words. I just had this overwhelming feeling that if you bit me, it would all be okay.”

“What would be okay?”

“My whole world. It felt like if I let you do this, that I would never have another worry. That I’d find what I was looking for.”

I feel him smile against my neck, his embrace so full of love.

“That’s it exactly.”

He places his lips on my skin, and I close my eyes, loving the feeling of us together. I don’t know how it’s possible to go through something like this in such a short space of time, but I feel like I’ve found the other half of my soul. Which is freaking crazy.

“I must tell you, Lola. You must know all of me.”

I turn in his arms, the huge tub giving us ample room. I look in his eyes and see a small bit of concern, and it makes me place my hand on his heart.

“What is it, Bleu?” My fingers dig into his chest hair.

“The shifters you spoke of earlier, they’re real.”

I smile at his words, thinking how incredible that is. It sounds magical and makes me feel like happily-ever-afters are out there. It was what I was looking for deep down when I hopped in my car and headed this way. Straight to Bleu, it would seem. I think that’s what I was looking for when I hopped in my car. Something pulled me this way. “That’s really cool. Do you know one?” I wiggle in his lap, trying to get a little closer, not liking any space between us. I’ve never been this intimate or close with someone before, and I’m savoring every moment of it like it could be snatched away from me at any moment.

He nods his head and looks deep into my eyes. The gold swirls around his pupils, and I feel almost like he’s pulling me into a trance.

“I am one.”

With his words, his arms tighten around me, but I don’t understand why.

“You are one? You’re a shifter?” I try to lean back to get a better look at him, like I might have missed something, but he holds me closer.

“I will not let you leave, Lola. You are mine. We are mated.” His words come out in a half growl. Looking at him, I feel completely confused. So I just shake my head.

“Bleu. Stop. I’m not going anywhere. Are you serious?”


I bite my lip, not wanting to offend him but really needing to know more.

“What kind are you?” I whisper it like someone might hear us, even though I know we’re alone.

My eyes run up and down his big body, and I wonder if there are Bigfoot shifters. He’s flipping huge.

“A brown bear.”

I smack myself on the forehead and let out a laugh. Duh, Lola. Of course he’s a bear.

“I can’t believe you’re real.” Reaching out, I touch his face and look him over like I’ve never fully seen him before. As if I’m trying to look for the magic.

He pulls me closer and suddenly he’s standing up in the tub and carrying me with him again. We leave a trail of water behind us as we enter the bedroom. He stands me up in front of the fireplace and dries me off with a towel I didn’t see him grab.

“You are not leaving,” he says, and I can’t help but roll my eyes.

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