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Growling For Mine (Grayslake: More Than Mated Kindle World)(12)
Author: Alexa Riley

He makes me cum three times on that table before he finally carries me to the house. But not before he grabs up the picture of the baby crib I had printed out and given to him. I knew this would be the first of many things he would make for our little cub, and I’m sure he’ll start working on it the second he lets me out of bed.

Epilogue *Bleu*

Eight years later…

The house is quiet, and I pull Lola closer to me in bed.

“I swear being around bears all the time, all I want to do is sleep.”

Smiling against her neck, I kiss my mark and nuzzle against her. “I’ve tried to tell you. Just give in and do what I say.”

I built a second floor onto the cabin when Lola found out she was pregnant with our first cub. Soon after our first boy, River, was born, she got pregnant again. We had our twin girls, Violet and Marigold, thirteen months after River. Then we decided to slow down. So of course she got pregnant again right away with our youngest son, Forbes. Four kids under four years old has kept us busy. But one thing is for sure, they’ve always slept great. Lola says it’s all the hibernating we like to do, but I just laugh and pull the covers over her.

It’s Saturday and all the kids are upstairs sleeping in, and I take advantage of our alone time.

Our businesses have grown over the years, and we have people in town who help us manage them. Luckily for us, we get to keep our privacy a good bit while the kids go to school and we work from home. We’ve established our careers, so we work when we want and we play when we want. But we always have weekends at home with just the family. The time with our young is precious and goes so fast. But I would be lying if I didn’t think they always pick the worst times to try to come talk to us.

Spooning behind Lola, I reach down and pull her leg over my hip, opening her for me. I slip my hard cock past her wet folds and slide home. She moans softly when I’m fully seated, and I do the same.

“I locked the door. You can go back to sleep now if you want to, mate. I’m just going to cum and keep my cock in you for a little bit longer.”

I slide my hand over her hip and between her legs, rubbing her exposed clit. I know exactly how to touch her to get what I want, and I know for a fact she isn’t going back to sleep. Not without at least two orgasms.

She looks back at me with a wicked smile and grinds down on my cock. Her smell of desire grows between us, and I give her what she needs. I will always give her anything she desires for as long as we both live.

“I love you, Bleu,” she whispers as we make love.

“I love you, too, my sweet Lola.”

We had a chance encounter that turned into more than either of us expected. But when I first held her in my arms, I knew she was mine. I’ve spent every day since then holding on to her, and I will spend the rest of my life doing the same. She and our cubs are my whole world, and it’s more than I ever dreamed of. She gave me this life, and I will show her just how grateful I am.


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