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Growling For Mine (Grayslake: More Than Mated Kindle World)(7)
Author: Alexa Riley

I watch with held breath as his thick cum coats the dark hair there. He keeps jerking his cock. His eyes are closed and he moans around his fingers as his huge cock releases onto his stomach.

“Oh my,” I whisper, and it’s enough to snap him out of his trance. I regret it, wanting him to enjoy his orgasm as much as I just enjoyed mine. But when I see the look in his eyes, regret is the last thing I’m feeling.

Chapter 7 *Bleu*

I have the scent of her all over my face, but I need more. Cumming on myself wasn’t what I wanted, but I had to release. If not, I would have taken her roughly, and I want to go slow. But now, seeing that she watched me, I need her all over again. It’s as if I never came. My balls ache to have her. I fought it the whole time I was tasting her pussy, the warm sticky juice like honey to me.

“Lola.” My voice is husky, and I see her shiver again with desire when I say her name. I’ve been dreaming about this for days. Finally tasting my mate. Giving her pleasure and everything she could want. Nothing prepared me for the reality. If I thought the need for her before was hard to control, I was very, very wrong.

“Take me, Bleu. I’ll give you whatever you need.” Her legs part even more, opening just for me.

Her words of submission make my bear come forward. He wants to mate, and I’m not sure Lola understands what that means. I can’t explain it to her now, I’m too close to the edge. Right now, I need to claim her as mine, and that’s the only thing that will make me sane again.

“You will be mine. If I mate you, you cannot leave. I will hunt you down and bring you back to our home.”

I sit up and watch as she licks her lips. She looks me up and down, and after just half a second, she nods.

“Mine,” I growl and reach out, flipping her over and pulling her to the edge of the bed.

Blanketing my big body over hers, I pull her tightly to me and feel the seed on my stomach rub between us. It smears on her back, and I love the feeling of marking her in every way possible. It turns me on knowing my seed is on her body, rubbing into her soft skin.

My big legs bracket hers. I reach around to her pussy, push her thighs farther apart and pulling her ass back towards me. I want her in an easy position to rut, and she is so little that this is probably the only way I can mount her.

“I’ve never done this before. But I will be good to you, Lola. I will be careful and make you cum. You like when I do that.”

I feel her lean her body more into mine, and I place my cock at her entrance.

“I’ve never done this either, Bleu. This is crazy.” I growl at her admission that I will be the first to ever have her. I wonder if she doesn't care for other people. She’s the first to ever spark my attention. I like having my cabin out by itself where no one can bother me. I thought I liked being alone, but if the past few days have taught me anything, it’s that I don't want to be alone anymore.

“It’s not crazy. You are my mate. This is what mates do,” I tell her simply. This is just how it will be. We have the crazy need because we’re meant for each other. I was made just to take care of her. It’s clear she needs to me do so. I will feed her so she isn't so small and make sure she isn’t allowed behind a wheel again.

She’s small now, but I will be gentle with her and treat her with care. Pushing past her soaked folds just slightly, the head of my cock penetrates her. Her muscles squeeze me, but after a second she relaxes and I push more of me into her.

The feeling of wet warmth sucking my cock has me growling. My bear is so close to the edge, but I rein him in as I try to remain calm and let Lola adjust to my size.

When she relaxes under me, I lean down and kiss her shoulder. I feel her warm, sweet skin on my lips as the need to bite her rises, and suddenly, marking her is all I can think about.

“More, Bleu.”

She wiggles on my cock, and I feel inches of me slip into her tight body. I grit my teeth and try to hold off. I will mark her. I will make her mine in every way possible. The chant appeases the bear in me, and I focus on giving Lola pleasure. I will always put her first.

I start to pet her clit as I gently give her the last few inches of me. She responds to my touching her, and I hear her moans start to get louder. I’m happy to have not caused her pain during our first time because I plan to take her many more times tonight.

She leans back a bit, seating herself on my lap. When she’s there, I gently rock us while I rub her pussy and feel her clench on me. The vice grip she has on me tightens. I wrap my free arm around her waist and hold her while I thrust up into her.

I start with short strokes, her tight pussy giving a little resistance, and build to longer ones.                                                Soon she’s bouncing on my cock, all the way up and then slamming back down. She’s taking me and moaning for more, proving that she fits me perfectly, but then she gives me more than what I hope for.

Her head tilts to the side, her curly, honey-blonde hair exposing her bare neck. As if something passes between us and suddenly the path is clear, she says the words I’ve longed to hear.

“Bite me.” They trip so easily from her lips, it’s like she’s been saying them to me her whole life. I’d always wondered if true mates really existed. I saw it before with my parents, but I just didn’t know how true it really was, but this moment proves it. Her body knows she’s mine. She might not fully get it, but the core of who she is does.

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