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Some Were In Time (Shift Happens #2)(13)
Author: Robyn Peterman

"Oh my god," Junior mumbled. "I don't know where to look right now. This is just wrong on so many levels." He shut his eyes and squeezed the stress ball with a vengeance.

Hank stared at the ceiling while my grandmother ascertained which breast was larger. How was this happening?

"Dang it, you're right. The right one is bigger. I'll bet my right boob that WTF knows what happened." She amended her earlier statement.

"Mammaries aside, I will find out what happened and I will make whomever was responsible pay," I promised.

"It's gonna be a cluster whomper of a bunghole to get the Council to tell you anything." Granny slid in next to me and gently caressed the picture of her daughter and son-in-law.

"No, it won’t," I said.

"How you figuring that?" Junior asked as he opened his eyes, hoping it was safe due to the fact that the conversation had moved on from boobs.

"Simple," I said as I stood up and took the stress ball from Junior. "We go after the Dragons and figure out what the hell they're doing and who's behind it, and then we withhold that information from the Council until I get mine."

"Damn, my girl is hot and smart," Hank said with a sexy lopsided grin that made me want to tackle him to the ground and make him see Jesus.

"Do we get to kill some Dragons?" Dwayne asked hopefully.

"If they deserve it, then yes," I said as I took the folder back from Granny and hugged it close to my chest.

"How are you guys gonna make that work? Aren't you taking orders from the Council?" Junior asked as he put his hand back out for the stress ball.

I reluctantly handed it over. I was definitely going to have to get one of those things.

"Hell to the no." Granny cackled. "Our boy Hank here laid down the law with that dumbass Angela. We are going off the grid and we only report to her."

"Dayum boy." Junior whistled and slapped Hank on the back. "What level of WTF are you?"

That was a really good question. Why hadn't I thought to ask that? When my boss Angela had come down to Hung Island after the Dragon debacle, Hank explained to her how it was going to be—not the other way around as I had expected. She flinched and whined a little and then pulled some hair out of the left side of her head, but she agreed. It shocked the hell out of me. Angela was very high up in the organization…

"Yeah," I said as my eyes narrowed at the love of my life. "What level are you?"

He paused and considered his answer. Shrugging, he blew out a long breath. "My level doesn't exist."

"Meaning?" I demanded, not liking the way this was heading.

"Meaning he's as high as you get before you become Council," Dwayne guessed as he pulled out a hundred dollar bill and waved it around. "Anyone want to place a bet?"

"Is he right?" I asked as I yanked the money out of Dwayne's hand and shoved it back down his shirt.

How was he a higher level than I was if he'd been in less time than me? Oh my god, was I jealous of the man I loved? I took the damn stress ball back, closed my eyes and took a few cleansing breaths. I could feel all eyes on me, but I didn't care. My brain raced and then something clicked. Hard. I dropped the ball and slid to the floor.

No. I wasn't jealous. I was petrified.

I knew in my gut the Council had something to do with the death of my highest level parents and now my mate was the same level. I wasn't gifted with premonition, but this little twist made all the bells go off in my brain.

"How many other Weres are at the same level?" I asked Hank tersely.

He eyed me with concern and then shrugged. "I have no idea."

"Junior, I need you to hack in and find out who's at Hank's level. It has to be recorded somewhere," I said as I put my thoughts together as I spoke them. "Research all agents at that level over the past fifty years and tell me if they are alive or dead. If they're dead find the death certificates, and if they're alive I want addresses."

"Holy hell, Essie," Dwayne gushed with joy. "If I was straight I would totally fight Hank for your ass."

"Thank you," I said.

"Wait what?" Hank yelled. "You're mine."

"I know," I told him. "Dwayne was just giving me an unfiltered and inappropriate compliment."

"It's true," Dwayne concurred. "I'd bang the hell out of Granny too if I enjoyed hoohoos."

"TMI, Dwayne," I muttered.

Junior shut his eyes again and put his hands over his ears. "Sweet baby Jesus in a jock strap, I can't unhear any of this."

"Dwayne, I'd just like to say I find that flattering." Granny smiled as she adjusted her boob tube and blew him a kiss.

"I would pop you in a minute if I went that way," Dwayne assured her. "Being gay has never been so difficult. However, I love being gay and wouldn't trade it for all the cows in… "

"Stop," Junior shouted as he scooped up the stress ball from the floor. "I have entirely too much going on here to have this in my brain. I too find Granny attractive, uneven bosom and all."

"Thank you," Granny said politely.

"You're welcome. And I'm not sayin' shit about Essie's hotter than Hades looks because Hank would remove my scrotum."

"Damn right," Hank snapped.

"But we gotta get back on track here," Junior said in his outdoor voice. "How in the hell am I supposed to be Alpha and sheriff and hack in to Council databases to find super agents and find out if the Were Cows Dwayne didn't marry are still alive and want to kill his undead ass?"

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